About Us

Coretz is known as artwork for interior living, that bring you massive design to interior design. June 2004, Coretz has start open to work. Our creation is to avoid sameness among other design. But instead, we are different.
Different on quality especially, and taht would bring you absolutes satisfaction and style in interior design.

The heart of a perfect design
Originality is our origins. Quality has been key to Coretz ever since company was established in Surabaya 2004. Started on June, the businesswas founded on the principle of offering in customers the best term of design, function, and innovation. Whilst our product may have changed considerably in respond to changing times and needs, our commitment to quality and service remains as firm as eve. Helping people create their perfect design has always been at the heart of our thinking. And it always will be.

Our Services

Research show that around 60% of the time people spend in house, so we can create house interior design with our heart.

The joy of making food, create a comfortable ambience when slicing the union, washing the vegetables, cooking the meal, even serve food for your beloved family or firends. We understand you.

Bedroom is place to gate away from your routine, a place to findidea or just relax, to get lazy all day long on Sunday, or just spend time with your beloved. Your bedroom is a sanctuary.

Living Room
For introduce, we'll show you something warm and greeting.

Dining Room 
A great expreience of cooking would be perfect if served in a cool dining set that can bring an elegance appetite. It's make your evening super warm. It's not just you are eating, but you enjoy eating.

Commercials Space

The amazing feature of Coretz include their innovative design, superior function, refined detail and large choice of products. Attractive, self-suffient design and perfect function in harmony with the function